Smedley: “We are returning to a Formula 1 that does not already exist”


The Formula 1 has backtracked on several issues this
season. The most high-profile was related to the format of
classification, but the limitation of the radio messages also
has caused a lot of controversy
, forcing the FIA to renege
following the strong pressure exerted by the equipment.

Rob Smedley, one of the important men of Williams, reflects on the position of the FIA and argues
that makes no sense to prohibit the advice of the engineers
the riders, because the cars are too complex for
the pilot has to deal with driving while managed by yes
all the controls of the car. “I Think from the
point of view of engineers, it is proper to reopen the
communication by radio. Cars today are incredibly
complicated situations with these thruster units and fly so high
speed, manage the thruster unit, or other problems is to ask

For Smedley, the main thing is to assume that the current Formula 1 is
very different from some decades ago, and who has no sense
pretend to go back in time. “We are returning to a
Formula 1 no longer exists. everyone wants to return to a
Formula 1 is no longer possible, when the cars were much, much more
simple to the incredibly complex cars now
. We have
past to another thing. It is a team sport and we have 500 people
working for a computer”
, accurate Smedley in a statement
collected by Motorsport.

“it Is an argument stupid, to be honest. It is a team sport

there has Always been a debate about whether Formula 1 is a
team sport or eminently individual. For Smedley is obvious
this is a team sport, as much as the pilot hijack
the greater part of the prominence. “If you take the stupid
argument that the pilots are alone in the car, why not
we leave aside the engineers, if the pilots must do it all
we will Take the two cars and we will tighten and you are done. Or
you may not even have to do that, we’ll let the pilots do
all by themselves”

The teams of Formula are large organizations formed by
hundreds of people working together to achieve a
common goal. The pilot is the last link of a long and
important chain, as the Smedley defends it. Where
stop? It is an argument stupid, to be honest. It is a sport
of equipment, call or not call drivers ‘ championship
. Sport
team. And if it doesn’t, then we wouldn’t have 500 people
working for two pilots, or for the good of the team”