Smedley: “What is important is that there are more people fighting at the head”


There are many theories about how to influence the new regulation on the competition. From the total revolution to slight changes in the established order. From a greater competitiveness on the part of all of the computers to the opening of a gap even greater in benefit of the strongest teams.

But what is certainly undeniable is that, in the end, the most important thing is that they are multiple teams with the ability to win races and, therefore, to be eligible for the world title. In the past three seasons and only Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have been able to qualify for the championship and, although in certain stages has been a duel spectacular, thanks to the freedom given by Mercedes to their pilots, in general lines has been to the detriment of the interest.

that is why Rob Smedley, responsible for performance of Williams, believes that the most important thing is that you have different options in head. “it Is really important that you have more people fighting in head and do not have clear who is going to win the race, that is what drives the fans”, said the british in statements to Autosport.

Smedley thinks, however, that the budgets have always been noted and, for this reason, although there are changes in the hierarchy, will not be noticeable. “I Hope that the positions will shuffle a bit, but I don’t think that we have a change of hegemony full. In F1 he has never won a World Championship without a budget remarkable. The money account, at least in this era of F1. But that does not mean that the front, in the middle and at the bottom of the grill is not going to have slight changes and we have more people in the group above”.

engineer Williams also believes that there will be a continuing evolution because we are at the first steps of a new regulation that you need to know more in depth, so it would be very normal for the team to start dominating going to lose their position of privilege as you progress through the season. “If you think that four or five drivers are in a position to win, then you’ll be excited and I hope that the new regulations make this happen. I don’t expect the fastest car in Australia, also in Abu Dhabi, which will allow that there is a change in the classification throughout the year. If that happens, the regulations will have been successful”.