Smell of burnt rubber and ringing in the ears: thus it has been the bestial debut of the Ferrari F12tdf in Mugello

Ferrari F12tdf has been presented in society just a few days ago at the Italian circuit of Mugello. The F12 final, and possibly one of the last Ferrari to the old-fashioned way to be released is a beast with 780 HP from a V12 aspirated 6.3-liter. All performance data are impressive – 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds – as well as their diet, then that leaves your weight in only 1.415 kg But what we want is to see it roar and burn rubber live. come in and see, gentlemen.

Is 110 kilograms lighter than a F12 conventional, with an empty weight of only 1.415 kg.

I say that live is a car that impresses a lot more. Even if your design wants to play to be classic in some details – like openings in its rear fins, for example – is undoubtedly badass. And that’s not bad, because there are 780 CV to demonstrate that it is a car that goes much beyond the pose. Your exhaust has a sound delicious, that no turbo engine gets to replicate. To fund, in full straight of Mugello, is able to get the creeps, despite the ambient noise of the video.

In the interior of the Ferrari F12tdf have been both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, which have had a Sunday of work quite different to the usual. I’m sure that it has left them a smile goofy in the face, especially after doing several dónuts in front of a crowd full of “tifossi” and invited by the brand to this start-long. Without more, I I urge you to show you the video of the event, and remember: the Ferrari F12tdf possibly be the last Ferrari to the old-fashioned way. What a swan song?

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