Smoking at the wheel could have the hours counted in Spain

Fumar al volante

We have all life-seeing this action: “we’re going in a car and the driver decides to light up a cigarette”. Until there everything could be normal, but the problem arises when the driver has to divert attention away from the road, drop one or both hands off the wheel to locate the pack, remove the cigarette, put it in your mouth and light the lighter to light the cigar. In the m range doing these actions has not been realized nothing of what has passed by your eyes with the consequent risk that this poses to him and the occupants of the car.

This situation is very dangerous by compromising the safety of the passengers, but in addition we must also take into account that the health of the occupants is also affected by breathing in the smoke of this cigar. We all know that tobacco is harmful to health and it causes many diseases related to the heart and the respiratory system. Therefore, the organizations dedicated to the study of these pathologies are asking that smoking in cars when there are minors in your interior or pregnant people is prohibited.

Fumar al volante niños

the United Kingdom has already banned smoking in the car when on the inside travelling children and in Italy it is forbidden to do the same when in their inner journey a pregnant woman. Both actions are aimed at the health of the occupants does not suffer by this vice in addition to the driver is more attentive to driving to smoke a cigarette.

The Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) posits that when we go in a car with children or pregnant women does not allow smoking. For this, it proposes that the law expands the number of smoke-free vehicles when you are in this situation. In addition, it also asks that boxes of tobacco pass going to drawn to be white completely so that it is not attractive (despite the unpleasantness of their photos still are), so that the smokers can quit smoking more easily.

whatever smoking in cars should be banned so dangerous that it is the action and how harmful that is this substance to our health. I do not want to alienate any smoker, but should be prohibited low fines and withdrawal of points. To see what happens in the near future.

Source – Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO)