Snowbike: the bastard son of a snowmobile and a motorcycle enduro your new favorite sport is

Timbersled is an American company based in the cold state of Idaho. It is a small company that has been known to create a hybrid between an enduro bike and a snowmobile. It has already been dubbed Timbersled or Snowbike , and the company has been acquired by Polaris, among other things, number one manufacturer of snowmobiles. The snowbike promise fun of a snowmobile with the agility of a small motorcycle and light. Seguramos you that it will become your new favorite sport.

The manufacturing company has just been bought by the Polaris consortium dedicated to the world of the bike.

The operating principle is simple. Instead of a rear wheel, have mounted a rubber track , similar to those used by snowmobiles. Its size and width may vary depending on the type of snow on which we are going to spend. Instead of a front wheel have a considerable size shovel . Nothing changes with respect to a motorcycle, which retains its drive and damping systems. Timbersled recommended for use with enduro bikes two and four times, usually with 300 cc engines or less.

Several professional drivers were able submit these bikes to all sorts of dirty tricks and jumps , and Red Bull has organized the first – and spectacular – Snowbikes career. An emerging sport that leaves us spectacular images and videos. And you know what’s best of all? The retrofit of an enduro bike a Timbersled only costs $ 450, separate installation. Given the apparent fun that gives pilots this contraption I would say it is a safe investment.

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