Snowkhana 4: Ford you a merry christmas your way

Ford returns to us to congratulate the christmas one more year with a cute video of stop-motion, the technique of creating a false sensation of movement through a succession of static images, in the style of the Gymkhanas of Ken Block but starring toys and santa Claus. They are not as spectacular as the professional pilot, but just as fun.

Entitled “Showkhana 4: Ho Ho Hokhana” we’ll see the adventures of Metal Block, a Ford Fiesta in miniature in his adventure through the snow-you will find toys of all kinds such as dolls Lego, Minions, and even characters of Star Wars, the great protagonist of this christmas with the premiere of his new delivery. And even we will see the epic split truck of Jean Claude Van Damme performed by Buzz Lightyear on trucks of Coca-Cola.

Although this year not all of them are going to be toys as in the video we see as a santa Claus of flesh and bone enjoy driving a Ford Focus RS in the snow at full speed, so much so that you will have to give a slip to a police car that chases you. Even santa Claus has a right to have fun once in a while.

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