So are manufactured, by hand, the engine Mercedes-AMG: one man, one engine (video)

If there is a detail that I love to try out a AMG Mercedes-Benz, a process that I always follow, as if a ritual tragedy, is to open the hood, first to admire what underneath lies a huge block of eight cylinders at times, or even four cylinders, with the new breed of sport compact. And second to check the seal of guarantee in the figure the signature of the operator of Mercedes-AMG, which assembled in Affalterbach, the engine. Now Mercedes-Benz shows us that process in a video.

Is that since Mercedes-AMG have referred to as the philosophy “one man, one engine”. Each engine is assembled only and exclusively by a same operator. For if that were not enough, all (or almost all, now we shall speak) the engines of Mercedes-AMG is assembled in their factory in Affalterbach and engines which are developed to the full by the team of engineers of AMG. The exception that I mentioned is, on the one hand, the new V12, which have been transferred to Mannheim because Affalterbach there was no more space. And the new Mercedes-AMG “decaffeinated”, with the hallmark AMG Sport, Mercedes-AMG 43, serving as the natural jump between a Mercedes-Benz, so to speak normal and current, a Mercedes-AMG of pure strain.

Aware that the client of an AMG you are looking for something more than a means of transport to get from a point X to a point And, Mercedes-Benz handles extend as far as possible to this idea. Without going any further, the acquisition of AMG goes hand in hand with the possibility of visiting the facilities in Affalterbach to contemplate the process by which you assemble a motor, and a car. Process that now we can see in this video.

According to Mercedes-AMG, the assembly process of a motor can last from around three hours, which is what that would entail assembling a V8 or a four-cylinder, up to a full day, which is what we require the blocks of the twelve-cylinder engine that now produced in Mannheim. Regarding these last, Mercedes-AMG, we confirmed some months ago that they had taken the decision due to the great demand of the new generation of sporting Mercedes-Benz.

Source: Mercedes-AMG
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