So are the 25,000 miles of hard testing of the SEAT Ateca

Every new car or every renewal that we see, represent many hours of work, development, tuning and testing. This process tends to be slow and methodical, reaching up to several years depending on the car. SEAT has been very strict in that work, and it shows with the 25.000 demanding kilometres test of the new SEAT Ateca.

A total of 50 engineers and about 40 cars have been moved to the south of Spain to test the new Ateca. A laboratory with the torture, and unthinkable. All of them under intense heat of up to 45 degrees of temperature. Up to 80 different tests in three weeks, all to put the limit that each unit of the SEAT Ateca.

Among the exercises that the new SUV from SEAT, has had to pass included tests, such as the control trailer, which helps to configure the system Trailer Stability Program, the aspiration of dust, which, as its name indicates, allows you to find out the effectiveness of particle filters, and a lot more torture.

it should Be noted that since it is a SUV the Ateca has also been tested as the exercise of the record. A test of the 3,000 km of length in which each unit circulates through open slopes with the intention of figuring out how to behave the protections and the wheel housings are installed in each car.

One of the most important is the so-called test of Klapper. Each car has, approximately, with 3,000 pieces. In this test verifies that all of them work perfectly without the disturbance or noise regardless of the surface or road conditions. What said all a torture rack to get the best result.


A job of three weeks that is rewarded in each unit who steps on the street