So are the extreme tests to which it has subjected the SEAT Ateca

SEAT Ateca pruebasTo develop a new model as the SEAT Ateca ‘re missing a lot of tests. Especially in a product that is already a success for the brand, despite the issue of standardization in our country with one of its versions. Now that there is a solution by installing an SCR system that injects AdBlue, we have wanted to show as was the preparation of the SUV prior to its arrival to the market. To ensure the reliability of this model has been subjected to some test end.

A team of 50 engineers took 40 cars to put them to the test. In total would be 80 test that would be carried out in a period of three weeks to check that everything was in place. The place chosen was a desert area in the south of Spain, where the Ateca could be exposed to extreme temperatures up to 45 degrees. During these days we covered a total distance of 25,000 kilometres, an examination of what more demanding than that put in trouble to the car.

Thanks to this video we can see some of the trials that went on the SEAT Ateca. Between them we see a test of control trailer, to improve the stability of the car when going towing something. Also a test of traction and controlled descent where facing slopes of up to 35% to test the Hill Descent Control. Can not miss the test Klapper, to prevent you from ever annoying noises in the passenger compartment of the SUV.

Great part of these tests take place outside of the road. Specifically, it makes a test gravel, in which the SEAT Ateca travels 3,000 miles to ensure the endurance of the vehicle. As a curious note, there is a test of dust extraction, where a vehicle is going ahead creating dust and serves to check the life of the air filter. Thanks to all this nothing is left to chance and ensure that is all right in the new SUV.

Source – SEAT