So celebrate Land Rover’s 600,000 Evoque sold

Range Rover Evoque Landmark

A large figure in a record time. When the first Range Rover Evoque came to the market in 2011, the people of Whitley probably not thought out to have so much success. And is that achieving a average of 100,000 units per year is not something that is achieved easily.

Obviously, it is of world-wide sales, but this does not even so, the 600,000 units sold, do not become an amazing figure for a model and practically new. And is that the Land Rover Evoque doubles the sales figure of the Range Rover “normal” sold in the six years that the Evoque carries on the market.

Range Rover Evoque Landmark

And of course, a figure so high in record time, could not pass without a celebration that was at the height. Land Rover presented and went on sale yesterday the new Range Rover Evoque Landmark.

His success was very clear from the beginning, which gave us the confidence to open new paths, that’s why we created cars like the Evoque Convertible. This Landmark Special Edition is a celebration of six successful years. – Gerry McGovern, design boss for Land Rover.

The Landmark, with a sale price of 46.000 €, comes with three exclusive colors -Blue Moraine, White Yulong and Grey Corris – and alloy wheels of 19″. Inside, we find black leather seats and a center console out of aluminum with a brushed finish.

Interior Range Rover Evoque Landmark

The infotainment system called InControl Touch Pro, with a 10 ” screen, and apps, Spotify serial included, 4G and Wifi, which will be a delight on long trips. In addition, thanks to an app for smartphones and smartwatches called Remote Premium, we may inform us about the level of fuel, lock your car and its location, in addition to heat or cool the car before we enter.

“What makes the Evoque so special is its relevance,” said Gerry McGovern, design boss for Land Rover.

new generation, which is expected to arrive in 2019, will have a larger platform that will offer the new Range Rover Evoque more interior space.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
From 35.199 euro