So curious is the system of opening of doors in the Lincoln Continental 2017

Lincoln Continental 2017The Detroit motor show has left us with a good sum of innovations, among which highlight the new technologies. The case of the handles of the doors of the new Lincoln Continental 2017 is not so much the technology but the application of it to a system so archaic as it is a lever opening the doors. Uses a novel and very peculiar system that is sure to leave you stunned.

While in the vast majority of car doors opening from the rear exposed in the body, Lincoln has decided to hide the four in the frames below the windows. In this way, the side is more fluid, and may even contribute to the naked eye a touch technology apparently the doors to open remotely. Without contact with the driver.

tiradores-puertas-lincoln-continental-2017The trick of placing the shifters in the frames of the windows do not end there. To curl more the rijo, they do not move, but that detect the user’s hand and these are opened automatically. You just have to throw the lever. In the same way, from the inside, the passengers will only need to move a finger for the release button and push. It ended up that you move the hands to open the doors.

For if that were not enough, the Lincoln Continental 2017 has introduced an evolution of a known opening system of security is quite widespread in the united States, the codes of openness. As its from a safe deposit box is involved, you can open up your Continental with a digital code in the framework of the B-pillar without using the key. In other ocsaciones we have seen firsthand keyboards arranged in the doors of the driver. In this case, is integrated into the design and is camouflaged with a touch keyboard.