So entrena Toro Rosso in order to achieve the pit-stop perfect


Photo: Toro Rosso

Is so brief the time it takes for the Formula 1 teams to change four tires of the car, that there is little difference between the fastest and the slowest. That is, if there are no problems. However, a mistake can be key, and ruin the career of a pilot, as we have seen on more than one occasion. With the new regulations on tyres, the strategy seems to be decisive in the big prizes of the season 2016, and perform a pit-stop successful will help the riders to achieve their goal. Teams know this and do not stop to train in order not to have scares in the pit-lane. It has been shown Toro Rosso, with a video in which it looks to their mechanical testing. First do the warm up prior to the activity and subsequently go on to change the tires to the car for 2015, the STR10 which led Sainz and Verstappen.

Recently, the head of the team of Haas claimed that they were working a lot in the last two months to perfect the “art” of the pit-stop. Toro Rosso, even though it has a lot of experience, want to also do his duties during this period without racing to not fail when, in Australia, start to be decisive for these changes. The pre-season test will also serve as a training.


in Addition to the vital importance of pit-stops during races, the teams study to award a prize to the team that gets the stop faster throughout the season. An added incentive to the training of the teams if it comes to confirming the award.