So I was going to be the new Skoda Roomster 2016 that you will not see the light

Skoda Roomster Volkswagen CaddyThe case Dieselgate Volkswagen has done a lot of things to rethink in the heart of the company. Models less profitable or with least expectations have been discarded, as is the case of the Skoda Roomster 2016. Since 2002 in sales and with little success, the Czech brand had decided to renew its minivan based on the Skoda Fabia with a variant highlighted in the Volkswagen Caddy. Economically it was more viable to develop a model from 0.

The project of the new Skoda Roomster was already very advanced, as shown in the three header images that have been filtered. It is evident that the new Skoda Roomster 2016 would be based on the Volkswagen Caddy, focusing on the differences in the front, very similar to that of the Fabia, the rear headlights and the anagrams of the rest of the body. Have not transcended images of the passenger compartment.


Volkswagen Caddy 2015

According to some rumours, apparently Skoda had already begun the production of “homemade” of the Skoda Roomster 2016 and the unity of the images could be one of those. After to shelve the project of the Skoda Roomster, the signature Czech will focus on SUVS, a segment where it has no presence and where from next year we will see the first releases, beginning with a compact SUV and is one of seven squares.

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