So imagine Mercedes van of the future: electric, with drones and robotic

Mercedes opens us a window to the future of their commercial vehicles, vans. It does so through the Mercedes Vision Van, a futuristic model that, beyond its conceptual strokes to materialize the future plans of Mercedes in this sector. How will the vans of the future?What will lead (if it is someone the leads) the vendors of the future? Time of discovering it.

500 million. This investment that will Mercedes over the next 5 years in order to advance in the digitalization and automation of their vans, improving its integration with the next major advances in urban mobility that are coming and reminding us a range of vehicles more “intelligent”.

Within this program of development, called adVANce, we found a Mercedes ready to connect to their vans to the internet, thus facilitating the management of the fleet from the headquarters of the company, a Mercedes that wants to “robotic” cargo spaces of their vans and that, as the last pillar of this new plan, investigates new avenues of business around the leasing, the rent… of their vehicles.

Mercedes Vision Van: exemplifying the future of the commercial brand

The Vision Van from Mercedes is the first example, obviously conceptual, of this new strategy. A van that gets animated by a electric motor of 75 kW, 100 horses, which, depending on your settings you can go from 80 to 270 km Think of the advantages of this mechanical to electrical, not only from the perspective of the air pollution of our cities, but also in its silent roll.

Mercedes_Vision_Van_DM_12Mercedes_Vision_Van_DM_11in Addition, Mercedes has equipped this van with a couple of drones willing to bring to the door of your home (or the hinge of the window) the delivery of shift, an idea that we are already ahead of Amazon and that Mercedes seems to be willing to bring to the practice.