So intelligent robotic doors Tesla Model X [video]


Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting features of the new Tesla Model X is its type rear gullwing doors – with permission from the anti biochemical attack mode. The rear doors of the Model X will be its most distinctive feature, no doubt. Are a gull-wing doors, which initially only as aesthetic value function. But they are much more than simple door. Equipped with a advanced ultrasonic sensors that make them very smart doors . Let’s see how they work.

Perhaps the only drawback is that they are quite slow, a problem in certain situations.

These doors have two sets of hinges, side by anchoring the roof and one in the middle of the door. The doors have ultrasonic sensors embedded in aluminum , invisible to the eye. These sensors detect the presence of obstacles omnidirectionally. First, open by themselves if they detect the presence of the key inside and someone approaches, in a way which Tesla called “the invisible butler”. The sensors also detect the presence of vehicle roofs and on the sides of the car.

tesla-model-x-2016-2 Based on these obstacles can swing, and open more or less horizontally . Tesla made an interesting show in the presentation of the Model X in California, parking the SUV between two other vehicles, leaving virtually boxed. A place where even a sliding door would not pose any problems for drama doors Model X. Ignore the applause of the people – we are not in a sporting event, please -. And look at the peculiar movement of the doors

A second video reveals more details.

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