So is a Tesla Model S after falling a tree above


So they found the Model S after having fallen off a tree above

Elon Musk is a guy that likes to be in the press continually. The latter has been the great software update -the 7.0 – which allowed the saloon-electric “driving autonomously” on motorways and dual carriageways thanks to the autopilot mode of the Tesla Model S.

however, although the protagonist of today is the Model S, Musk has not had anything to do with it. It turns out that in the images we see a unity shattered as a result of falling a tree above. What is surprising is that despite the fact that at the time of the event was not empty, its occupants came out unscathed.

Although it does not seem like it, inside were a woman and her child at the time that the tree impacted on the surface of the vehicle. As you can see the blow was forceful, leaving a very bad standing on the bonnet, roof and tailgate of the Tesla Model S. thankfully, the saloon power of Elon Musk protected by allowing both to depart without being injured.


The safety cell did its job well in the Model S since the cabin is not just invaded after the accident with the tree

apparently the woman driving his Tesla for a road on the edge of a cliff that circled a lake. A landslide, she was surprised and the huge tree fell over. The image of the vehicle under the tree speaks for itself.

The photographs come from a scrapping of Norway in an attempt to sell some parts that are still useful before you happen to be a mixture of irons. The story comes from the author of the images, a senior member of the forum Tesla Motors Club. The user affirms that any other vehicle would have been much worse off seeing the circumstances of the accident.

The Tesla Model S has a five-star rating EuroNCAP, the maximum, with a 82% safety for adult occupant, 77% of occupants are children, 66% for pedestrians and 71% in attendance to the safety.