So is profile the new sports V8 that TVR will launch in 2017

TVR deportivo v8 2017The return of TVR is totally serious. This past summer I had the return plans of this exotic british manufacturer of the hand of Gordon Murray. As previously announced, this return would be expected for the year 2017, and get two models: a coupe and its variant convertible. Although, little or nothing was known about the new TVR, today comes to us the first image official of one of them.

this Is the sport coupe that is shown in profile, showing his silhouette. At a glance you can tell that complies with the canons of TVR, while maintaining a structure tandem with a long hood. Also we are familiar with the optical front that seem to adopt a vertical distribution. Although the most striking are huge rims, which is not likely to be maintained in the production version.

Regreso de TVR en 2017

TVR Sagaris (2006)

Impossible not to call attention also to the double output exhaust, located on the side just behind the front axle, very close to the engine. According to the CEO of the brand, Les Edgar, the design has been made with an advanced CAD software, and with scale models of clay, joining methods modern and traditional. One of the aspects that we already know of this vehicle is to take the structure of carbon fiber developed by Gordon Murray.

This chassis is the iStream, with the tubular structure, which you have already presented some time ago. This structure will not have an additional cost and will be accompanied by a V8 engine. It speaks of one of 5.0-litre source Ford, but with a tune by the preparer Cosworth. The end power that seeks to be among the 450 and 500 horses. All the power would go to the rear axle through a manual change of six speeds.

there is Still a lot of development on this project, but the brand this quite satisfied with the testing of the engine on the test bench. Remember that TVR is already accepting bookings by making a deposit of £ 5,000 and has raised quite a buzz even without knowing the final appearance of the vehicle. The production of the first year will be limited, so it is likely that many of the new customers have to wait until 2018.

Source – Autovisie