So is the Alpine A120, the Renault mid-engine and 300 HP that we will know in a month

Long and hard, we’ve already talked about the rebirth of Alpine. First we talk of an agreement with Caterham that was in water of borage, and after about the doubts in the breast of Renault about this brand of high-performance. Fortunately, the project has come to fruition and the vehicle that you have on screen will be the first Alpine in decades. It’s called 120 and these leaked images from the European Patent Office, reveal to us your final look. In just a month you will have been presented. What he has prepared for Renault?

sporty mid-engine-rear that on the 16th of February will be presented in all its glory. It was anticipated by the Alpine Celebration Concept a few months ago, which hardly differ if these images are real. This car will be a small, sporty, very light and fitted with a new engine 1.8-Tec. This propeller turbo petrol will be available in several levels of power: 250 HP, 275 HP and 300 HP. A new block that is shared with the Renault M├ęgane RS, which should be presented also in a few months.

In its most powerful version, would have a turbo and cylinder head specific, designed to withstand rough handling in circuit. We have already spoken at length of this propellant, very important for the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and that could also end up under the hood of a Nissan Pulsar NISMO high-performance. The latest rumors pointed to a weight of about 1,250 pounds for this sporty mid-engine, but if we pay heed to rumors picked up by Carscoops, your final weight would be of only 1.100 kg.

IF the rumors are true, the Alpine 120 could not be offered with a manual gearbox.

will Accelerate like a demon, and would only be available with a gearbox EDC double clutch. On his final appearance, we can see that hardly differs from the Celebration Concept. Its front is a clear homage to the Alpine A110, with its four optical oval very present in the front, equipped with a beautiful signature LED in the form of four rings. Despite having a mid-engine-rear, their aesthetics is to reflect and not take risks in design solutions. Are barely visible shots of the intake to the engine.

In your behind I see details of Jaguar and an exhaust pipe central, discreet and framed in a diffuser functional. For power and performance, the Alpine 120 will be a direct rival for the Alfa Romeo 4C, and for the future Porsche 718 Cayman with boxer engine turbo four-cylinder. I foresee comparative very interesting against the best of Italy and Germany in just a few months. The mass bathing of the Alpine 120 will happen during the next Geneva motor show, and we hope to be able to go to the shows switzerland to tell you live.

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