So is the BMW M4 GTS which from now on will be Safety Car in the DTM

years ago, BMW supplied the Safety Car of the DTM. Last year, BMW introduced us to the system of water injection of the BMW M4 GTS at the present to the M4 Safety Car of the motogp bikes. Although it was not called GTS, all of the ingredients that end up in the new M4 GTS were already there. For the season 2016 in the DTM, the Safety Car is already a BMW M4 GTS production, painted in white and with not a few knick-knacks. Are you ready for the teeth to get a little long with this sports coupe?

How is the BMW M4 GTS Safety Car of the DTM?

The BMW M4 GTS is the BMW M fastest ever produced. Makes the 0 to 100 km/h in only 3,8 seconds.

In the first place, it is of a pearly white colour and in your body takes well visible the logo of the competition, as well as stickers indicating that it is the Safety Car. There are No more exterior modifications, beyond the mandatory strobe lights LED mounted on the ceiling, and hidden behind the kidneys that make up your calender. Another important modification on the production car is a small an additional antenna on the roof, for the pilot to communicate by radio with the control tower of the circuit.

bmw-m4-gts-dtm-safety-car-2The best thing is that the car has been delivered in series to the DTM with the pack optional Clubsport. This pack is free for customers who order it in your M4 GTS of production, and includes a roll cage interior in orange color, a small fire extinguisher and seatbelts six points. But why has chosen the M4 GTS as a Safety Car? According to BMW, because it is powerful enough and fast for the cars that preceded it after his intervention are kept “hot”.

that Is to say, their brakes and their tires do not lose the optimum temperature at which they work to the rhythm of the competition. BMW knows that the M4 GTS is your M more effective, and in order to keep the cars racing at a good pace, he has to go to the limit. With a lap time at the Nürburgring of 7:27 – you can see the video on that link – do not doubt its effectiveness. engine 3.0 TwinPower Turbo with 500 HP of power – associated to a gearbox of double clutch and seven relationships – allows you to be the BMW Motorsport fastest ever created.

bmw-m4-gts-dtm-safety-car-10Other innovations – in addition to its system of water injection – are your drivers rear OLED and a slimming diet of more than 100 kg on a BMW M4 Coupé. The bavarian manufacturer has removed sky and sand to make this sport limited to 700 units-one of Motorsport’s most special history.

Source: BMW
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