So is the canvas roof of the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio


it Will be the first C-Class convertible

In the previous generation the Mercedes C-Class had a coupe version, but not a convertible, in fact this will be the first generation that will have a C-Class Convertible.

The canvas roof will have several layers of insulation

Thanks to our spy photos we have been able to do a follow-up to the tests to which it has been subjected to this model but thanks to the abundant camouflage, we could not confirm, as all the rumors suggested, that the roof of this model would be soft.

Because, as you can see, the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio will have a roof canvas. As we discussed in your day, this has its pros and cons.


Detail of the canvas roof of the Mercedes C-Class

This will have a series of layers that ensure the isolation of turbulence and sounds in the cockpit as well as leaks of water in addition, the roof can also be operated in motion even at low speed. Mercedes wants to convey quality to their occupants.

To be a body convertible, this variant will increase the weight compared to the coupe version since the body will receive some reinforcements to ensure the torsional stiffness. Inherit the technology and equipment of the range C-Class, with which it will share some engines, including the V8 engine for the AMG version, which also was caught a week ago.