So is the Datsun Redi-GO in production

The third model in the new era of Datsun is already official, after its launch in India. This is the Datsun Redi-GO, a hatchback that has the genes of the Renault Kwid, and that out ahead of time as a prototype in 2014.

Datsun-Redi-GO-1Debutó today in India, the new Datsun Redi-GO, a hatchback that uses the same platform as the Renault Kwid and that is based on the prototype with the same name was presented two years ago.

The visual differences compared to the prototype are scarce and only limited to some minor alterations which are typical of a model that goes into production, such as mirrors and bumpers. In the front highlights the hexagonal grille, characteristic of the Datsun of new generation. In spite of using the same architecture CMF-A that the Renault Kwid, each model has its own style well defined, with few external elements in common.

while Renault chose the path of the SUV as a source of aesthetic inspiration for the Kwid, Datsun bet on the urban style for the new Redi-GO.

Datsun-Redi-GO-2The interior appearance and finish, very simple, where there is no room for the frills, beyond a discreet sound system, which lacks the touch screen does offer the Kwid. Is that Toyota aims to position the Redi-GO under the product of Renault in terms of pricing and some items of equipment had to be euthanized.

revealed an interior that abound with hard plastics and several areas where the body color is exposed. While the air conditioning is available, as are the electric windows, the Redi-GO appeals to the simplicity, which is reflected in elements such as your windscreen, a single-arm, thin door skins, etc

Under the hood the only option available is a motor with block, 3-cylinder 800 cm3 displacement, the same that is used by the Renault Kwid, which produces 54 horsepower and 72 Nm of torque, that sand combined with a manual gearbox of 5-speed.