So is the factory that Porsche manufactures 200 V8 engines daily

Have you reached the end of the V8 in the Porsche, and the Volkswagen Group in your extension? Not at the moment. It is very likely that we are at the last engines of eight cylinders in vee from the Volkswagen Group, at least under the concept that we have known to date. Luckily, we can enjoy a whole new generation of engines of eight cylinders which, to make matters worse, will be produced by the trademark Porsche in its new engine factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. A factory that – take note – will to fabricate 200 V8 engines daily when you begin to produce to their maximum capacity, starting with the engines that it will premiere the new Porsche Panamera.

Porsche has invested the not inconsiderable sum of 80 million euros in this factory. A factory that is located in the complex of production of Porsche in Zuffenhausen, in the same area that makes 66 years, started making the Porsche 356. By that time, Porsche had 108 employees, and were made at around 369 vehicles per day. Currently, and only in the production of engines, Porsche has 1,200 workers.

on the other hand, and although Porsche is usually associated with its greater engine characteristic, and the heart of the Porsche 911, a boxer of six cylinders, the love affair with the V8 engines of Porsche began in 1977, with the arrival of the Porsche 928.


The new engine of eight cylinders in a v-premieres on the Porsche Panamera, though later will hit the Porsche Cayenne and other sports of the Volkswagen Group. That will be the contribution that will make Porsche the synergies of the group, and products of brands such as Audi and Bentley.

According to Porsche, on the opening of this factory have launched 100 new innovations, and have been studied 450 different ideas of the production team. Among other systems, really curious and interesting, we find a series of robotic vehicles that are capable of transporting engines between different lines, following paths programmed. It is a common solution in many factories, with the proviso that the vehicles used in the factory of Porsche is based on a network of 16.000 images installed in the floor that guide, without which our eyes see, their movements.

These solutions help the factory Porsche range a versatility very high. And that is very important, because thanks to it I could adapt with minimal changes to the production of engines of very different nature, and not only the engines of eight cylinders in a v that just premiered in the Porsche Panamera.


Another interesting fact. According to Porsche, andn the factory are recorded to 2,300 data regarding the production of each engine. These data are very relevant to have recourse to them if a problem occurs in the production process, so that this could be isolated, detected, and resolved without affecting the rest of the production.

Source: Porsche