So is the Honda S660, for now only for Japan


Honda-S660-3 A l Honda S660 met him a few months ago when it was shown as a prototype under the Tokyo Motor Show . With very good acceptance by the public, the roadster revives the spirit of Honda Beat ya started marketing in Japan .

This is a roadster tandem with central motor and RWD , which gives an excellent weight distribution of 45/55, plus a low center of gravity.

This is why Honda describes it as a sporting breed, despite their small turbocharged 3-cylinder 600 cc, which produces 64 horsepower . The turbocharger uses, is designed exclusively for the car and is responsible for a quick response even at low revs.

These features allow the S660 located within the segment in Japan is called kei-car . The engine is associated with 6-speed manual transmission newly developed, which makes the S660 is the first kei-car world equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission.

On the other hand, it is also available with a CVT continuously variable, equipped paddles behind the steering wheel to operate 7 preset speeds.

Honda-S660-1 But his rather rigid structure and low weight just 830 kilograms reads allow S660 achieve dynamic behavior according to the manufacturer guarantees fun wheel especially for his behavior in curves.

Especially for this task, Honda has equipped the roadster using a system called Agile Handing Assist Electronic Control System , an element that uses the power of braking control the body roll , which achieves better cornering control.

The S660 has rear wheel center 3-cylinder engine of only 0.6 liters.

Despite its small engine, Honda claims sound is typical of a sports car , which was achieved based on the application of optimization techniques sound of the intake system, exhaust and the turbocharger.

The driving position is similar to that of kart . The S660 offers a steering wheel with a diameter of 350 mm the smallest diameter among all Honda models manufactured in the world.

Aesthetically, it has not changed too much about the prototype shown last year, beyond some mild visual disturbances and the materials used. In the interior however, the production version won an instrumental and a somewhat more conventional panel like the steering wheel, which has a base less straight.

Now on sale in Japan, yet arrival is unknown to other markets . In the framework of speculation, some say that an international variant is being studied under the name Honda S1000 equipped with a 1.0 liter engine . However, it has not yet been any official communication in this regard.



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