So is the Hyundai i20 for the WRC 2016

The Hyundai i20 WRC 2016 it’s official. The machine, with Dani Sordo, Thierry Neuville and Hayden Paddon plan to contest each of the 14 stages of the season 2016 is already ready to begin.

Hyundai i20 WRC 2016Hyundai introduced in Germany at the i20 WRC 2016. Is this your new car for the rally championship world trying to beat the Polo WRC, and that will be at the command of the pilots Dani Sordo, Thierry Neuville and Hayden Paddon.

The designers took as a basis the body of five doors of the i20. Ensure that the car has been extensively proven over 8,000 kilometers in function to achieve the engine, the suspensions and all the things to accomplish to acquire the reliability that would allow it to home in south korea to get closer to the cars rush.

visual Hyundai i20 WRC 2016 is presented with a few darker colors, in addition to having a built-in new color orange for some sectors of the body, and even of the front wheels. By the time Hyundai did not specify which of the three pilots will be the leader, but is instructed to clarify that the three will compete in the 14 stages of the championship and that they have equal opportunities to get a win.

at The same time, the brand in south korea indicated that they have already managed to acquire the necessary experience within the category, to be able to point to compete within the highest position, win races and score points. Will be that observe Hyundai close in this season, because you can get to provide some surprise.

Hyundai i20 WRC 2016