So is the list of F1 drivers 2017 for the moment

Singapur 2016This season will not be one of those that ends with a grill identical to that which we will see in next season, not only by movement of pilots from one computer to another, but also because there will be new faces. There are still some seats unconfirmed and only a handful of riders have been confirmed as security for the following season.

Provided that a world is boring or always that you get to this stage of the championship, one of the things that the more buzz created, at least I am speaking for myself, is to see the movements in the market of pilots and of course wait for the new cars. Even more so when it is expected to make major changes in the rules and appearance of the cars for the next season.

Pirelli F1 2017 comparativaOnly 11 riders are confirmed, the other half of the grill is still unconfirmed… and that is a lot:

Piloto1 Piloto2
Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg
McLaren-Honda Fernando Alonso Stoffel Vandoorne
Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo Max Verstappen
Ferrari Sebastian Vettel Kimi Räikkönen
Force India Sergio Perez
Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz Jr.
Renault Nico Hülkenberg
Haas F1

, we Deduce that the stay of Bottas in the Williams is not secured and could be moved to any of the gaps that are left (you already know that Massa will be fired this year, such as the Button). Hulkenberg leaves a gap on Force India and is going back to Renault as it was announced already. We are waiting to see who will replace and who will be his team mate at Renault, which is not at all clear. On the other hand, Sauber has two drivers to be confirmed, but may Ericsson change of equipment and Nasr I don’t know that it will be.

Manor like Sauber, neither of its two pilots are confirmed, although Wehrlein could go to Force India, also powered by Mercedes) to continue its ascent. The two seats of Manor will have to be equally busy, as the Haas F1, leaving its two pilots free. It seems that Esteban might change his team or stay if it gives you a surprise, but we also don’t know much is Grosjean, who.. what could go to his homeland team?

in short: doubts, doubts and doubts.