So is the luxury golf cart Mercedes Benz

When we think of a new car of Mercedes Benz, we usually have in mind the renewal of a model of its range; but this is not the case that brings us to today, and it has just released a new electric car, although this time in format golf cart, you are reading it right.

With a online design that could almost be defined as Smart, hits the market a special edition Mercedes Benz Style golf cart Garia that both firms have created together, putting their knowledge in the sector of vehicles for the pitch, and the other of its style and definition to be a golf car.


In this case, we find a two-seater small size (barely reaches 2.5 metres long) with a platform specific load to store and load two golf bags, a wheels of 14 inches with a sporty touch, brake discs front, new optical LED in the style of Stuttgart, and the use of carbon fiber in some parts of the chassis to lighten and lower the center of gravity of the set.

In the interior, on the other hand it has been installed ambient lighting in the cabin, starring his double seat type armchair that incorporates a fridge 20 litres capacity, soil and trimmed in wood and aluminum, and a sound system with four speakers controlled the large touch-screen display central that makes the trip computer, where you can see the speed, autonomy, and connection to the internet wi-fi, elements far away from this type of vehicle.


This little electric is capable of meeting the 40 Km/h with a autonomy of up to 64 Km; no figures are spectacular, but let’s not forget that it is a vehicle for driving on the grass between pit and pit during the day’s sport.

development began when Mercedes, back in 2013, encouraged the followers of his page of Facebook to create the golf cart of the future and, Anders Lynge (co-founder of the manufacturer GARIA) came up with the announcement on the social network and were encouraged to send two sketches, there would begin alliance together with the innovation department of Daimler who was delighted with the design.

Now, it will start a small european tour of promotion in which to display the model at the Open of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Monaco or the Mercedes Trophy in Germany, and where, for sure, take many, many looks.