So is the new BMW i Vision Future Interaction: because the world needs a BMW i8 convertible

We love BMW i8. We would like you more if you outlined more of your facet sport, that your vision of gran turismo. But then it is very likely that they call the i8, but M-something. The BMW i8 is the largest showcase of technology BMW, a coupé 2+2 places with a kind of mechanical hybrid based on the combination of a three-cylinder and an electric motor, to deliver 362 horsepower. Without any pretense of being, the BMW i8 is also a sport with a halo of supercar. For its futuristic design, its aesthetic freed from the bonds which, by their architecture, limiting the possibilities of any other BMW. By their doors of scissors, which make the operation of getting into and out of the car in a event for all of those walking around you. And why not a BMW i8 convertible? Look with care to what he just showup BMW, i Vision Future Interaction, and begins to dream with him.

incredible is this a prototype, a BMW i8 convertible, what is important is not the container but the content, the amount of technology that houses in its interior.

BMW i Vision Future Interaction – the moment – is not a BMW i8 convertible. It is not even convertible. And not even the important thing is the packaging, but the content. BMW has used a body-type Spyder, without roof, or hood, or anything like that. But without the doors! An extravagance more that reminds us that we are not faced with the expected BMW i8 Spyder, but before a prototype is created to show the latest technologies of the brand, and the evolution of the connectivity, and user interfaces, that not only we will see in the i8 soon, but also in the rest of the range BMW.

The body without roof and without doors it was only an excuse to tell us about those technologies.


BMW i Vision Future Interaction is, according to its creators, the evolution of the BMW i8 Concept Spyder released in 2012. In the play the leading role, already does not take its design or its mechanics, but solutions that are now in the mouth of all, as the driving and autonomous car connected. BMW would have designed a car that, within its spectacular design, it advocates minimalism in his interior design, and in their user interfaces, following the paradigm of the autonomous vehicle and connected in the future.


just one look at this picture of his cabin to see how have disappeared from almost all the controls and buttons, and how the dashboard they have conquered a huge 21”screen, a box of instruments is also based on a screen, and even a windshield that, thanks to the information that is projected on him, inform the driver of relevant data about the driving without having to divert the eyes of the road.


BMW uses the augmented reality to provide the driver relevant information, and intuitive, as the route to follow the directions for the browser, that is projected on the road.


BMW also use coach connected to provide advanced information to their drivers. If one of their cars crosses with an incident on the road, as a rock falls, it will send a notice to the cloud. If we approach a stage in which there has been an incidence, as these landslides, the cloud will notify our car of the risk, and their location in order to avoid an accident.


If the driver resorts to the option of let the car drive by him, to the option of driving autonomous of this prototype, you can take advantage of your 21” screen to browse the internet, read emails, or watch a movie.


Honestly, it is a pity that the BMW i8 – for the moment – do not receive a body convertible. An event that, sooner or later, we know it will come. About the technology of this prototype, and the philosophy that will continue to the next releases of BMW, I will keep talking about long and hard. Because we anticipate that this year BMW in the CES 2016 has a lot of fabric to cut.

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