So is the new Citroën E-Mehari

Finally the successor of the Méhari has been transformed into reality. The Citroën E-Méhari is a car 100% electric, which will hit the market during the first quarter of next year.

Citroen-E-MEHARI-1Citroën hinted at from several months ago with a possible return of the celebrated Méhari, and today has finally released the first images and product information that will become the spiritual successor to the iconic vehicle of the 1960s.

this Is the Citroën E-Mehari, which will be put on sale next year as a car 100% electric. On an aesthetic level comes with a body very simple design, square and muscular, thanks to its bulging wheel arches. It is built with plastic thermoforming without the need of maintenance and with elasticity sufficient to to resist minor impacts. The front has the DNA present in the latest products of the French house, with the headlights divided into two optical groups, independent, such as occurs in the C4 Cactus.Citroën-E-MEHARI-2

The successor of the Méhari of the 1960s is now a reality. It is electric and itís going to market in 2016.

it Is a convertible, but the roof is marked by three bars, one of them forming the framework of the windshield and the other on the pillars B and C. In the behind with a few beacons of double circular format, and a bumper to finish black plastic, like the moldings that cover the whole area lower than the body.

Your production will take place in the factory Peugeot-Citroën has in Rennes, to the west of France, where the PSA also produces the convertible electric Bollaré Bluesummer, format similar to the E-Mehari. By the time the French manufacturer has not released the prices or which will be your target in terms of volume of sales, but in that sense, it already came forward that it is un product intended to form the brand image of Citroën.

In that sense from the brand ahead of the E-Mehari it is a product designed to attract customers who are looking for fun, fashion and a car environment-friendly. Believe that it will be an ideal product to be used to be offered by hotels to their guests, and even for fleets or individual customers who are looking for a second car.

The E-Mehari measured 3,810 mm long, 1,650 mm high and 1,870 mm wide and has a electric motor that is powered by a pack of lithium-ion batteries 30 kWh, can be recharged in full in eight hours using a power outlet for domestic use 16A or 13 hours in one of 10A. Stores enough energy to achieve an autonomy of 200 kilometers, with a maximum speed that can reach 110 km/h.

The E-Mehari will begin to start its marketing in France in the spring, and later arrived in the main European markets before the end of 2016.


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