So is the new Kia K900: The model, the more luxurious of the brand

The next generation of the Kia K900 will be one of the great novelties of the signature south Korean in the living Room of the New York Automobile 2018. The model most luxurious and sophisticated of the brand has been jointly designed in Korea, and the united States.

L saloon representation of the signature south Korean is unveiled to the public in his native country, as a foretaste of what that in a little time more we will be able to learn in greater depth, when its implementation over the imminent Auto show New York 2018.

The next generation of the sedan in south korea is the most sophisticated and luxurious models of Kia and com this generational shift to the asian manufacturer bet to conquer the u.s. market. Designed in set in South Korea and the united States, the model, which in some markets carries the denomination Kia K9 and in others it is known as Kia K900 was renewed completely with this new generation, without losing its essence.

Its exterior design makes clear that it is a vehicle you are looking for elegance and especially the distinction, with a modern image and at the same time sober. Stands out the front with their chrome finish on its striking grille and in the bumper, as well as your headlights main include LED lights and a behind that integrates a subtle spoiler on the trunk lid.

Thanks to a longer wheelbase, which now reaches 3,105 metres, the new Kia K9000 offers a generous interior space and a large trunk. Equipped with high-quality materials, the interior of this sedan Kia exudes luxury thanks to the wood, the metal insertions and the skin, as well as some small details, such as your analog clock created by the swiss company Maurice Lacroix.

One of the major innovations that integrate its endowment is its new infotainment system, which now has a huge wide-screen of 12.3 inches. Another innovation relevant in a new lighting system, which illuminates the dashboard to zoom in on the hand, in addition to a rotary control that allows you to control various vehicle functions.

With respect to their supply of engines, although the manufacturer has not yet provided official information, this new generation will use V6 and V8 diesel engines, automatic 8-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive.