So is the new Mazda CX-4, for now only for China

The new Mazda CX-4 debuted this week at the Auto show in Beijing. It is a crossover of the dynamic aspect, 4,63 metres long, which will initially be available only in China.

Mazda-CX-4-1Orne of the innovations that Mazda took this week at the Car show in Beijing is the new Mazda CX-4, a crossover that we had known thanks to a few small fragments of image and then to some photos leaked, but that now presents itself in all its splendor.

The new Mazda CX-4 taken as the base style to the prototype Koeru exhibited at the Frankfurt motor show last year, keeping the traits present in the most recent models of the firm of japanese origin, although in the case of the CX-4, the roof takes on a different format compared to the rest of the family of crossovers from Mazda, giving a look more-type coupe.

In terms of its dimensions, the CX-4 is longer and lower than the CX-5, keeping the same width. Measured 4,633 mm long, 1,840 mm wide, while its wheelbase is 2,700 mm, Thanks to the fall of the roof, the format of your C-pillar and the design of the tailgate, the CX-4 has a silhouette sport.

Mazda-CX-4-2In terms of the interior, the majority of the items appear to have been borrowed from the Mazda3. However, the instrument panel and center console received some improvements, but in general terms account with the design, and the environment common in the more recent launches of Mazda. Highlights in the center console, the 7-inch screen of the system of information and entertainment, and the hand brake electronic.

The offer mechanics for China includes two petrol engines, a 4 cylinder 2.0-liter and 156 HP and a four-cylinder 2.5-liter with 189 HP, combined with a change automatic six gear and with the system of four wheel drive smart of Mazda.

By the time the Mazda CX-4 will be reserved for the chinese market, although from the brand stated that they are evaluating their arrival to other markets. Of course that first they should make some improvements to the interior trim and improve the supply of mechanical diesel engines if it is intended to sell it in Europe.