So is the new MINI Cooper Convertible

The new MINI Cabrio, a third generation has been revealed before its debut scheduled for the Tokyo motor show that will take place starting next week.

MINI-Cooper-Convertible-2016-2BMW presented the first images and official information about the third generation of the MINI Cooper Convertible, which is well ahead of its debut in just a few days more will take place at the Tokyo motor show. In its third installment, the MINI Cabrio comes bigger and with more equipment and like the rest of the new range, with new engines.

new MINI Cabrio receives the same exterior modifications that the model of hardtop, a style that, while it keeps the traditional format of the model, their overhangs larger what you do see something disproportionate with respect to the previous deliveries.


His greatest virtue with respect to its predecessor is associated with the greater space for the occupants.

But the changes meant a improved habitability, in art, thanks to the adoption of the platform UKL, which allowed to increase the distance between axes 28 mm, allowing a greater space for the occupants of the rear seats and a loading area with greater volume. Compared with the outgoing model, the new Cabrio is 98 mm longer, 44 mm wider and 7 mm higher than its predecessor.

The hood is cloth and can be operated automatically, which can be folded or closed in just 18 seconds with just the press of a button, always, and when the speed is below 30 km/h. As in the previous model, the convertible top is folded and stored in an exposed position above the cargo compartment. It also has improvements related to safety as it incorporates a anti roll bar of a single piece that extends from the back of the rear seats when sensors detect a possible rollover.

MINI ensures that the new structure provides a increased rigidity in comparison with the outgoing model, which also helps to improve its dynamic performance. However, the use of reinforcing elements, structural proved in an increase of 115 kilograms respect to the model of hardtop, with a total de1275 kilograms in the case of the Cooper S Cabrio.

MINI-Cooper-Convertible-2016-5The largest outer dimensions are also reflected in the interior, with a more space available in all the squares, especially in the rear that have gained space for the legs. the charge capacity of 215 liters, while if the roof is open the space is reduced to 160 litres. However the space available can be extended by folding down the backrest of the back seats.

mechanically there are no big surprises, since the Cabrio adopts the same engines that the MINI conventional. The range starts with a block of , 3-cylinder and 1.5-liter of a cylinder with 136 HP which is used by the Cooper, in addition to a 2.0-liter turbo with 192 hp on the Cooper S. There is also a diesel that uses the 3-cylinder 1.5 liters and 116 HP to give life to the Cooper D.

In a later stage the offer will be enriched with the arrival of the versions One, Cooper SD and John Cooper Works. The thrusters can be associated both to a transmission manual 6-gear, as to a automatic 6-relationships in the form optional.

The endowment of series includes a system of information and entertainment with large screen, multiple airbags and a limited-slip differential emulated electronically.MINI-Cooper-Convertible-2016-3

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