So is the new Qoros 5

The first official pictures of the Qoros 5 SUV ahead of its official debut that will take place next month at the motor show of Guangzhou. It will be the SUV biggest of the brand to the China-Israeli.



Qoros is doing more uphill than I thought, to achieve their landing on the european continent. Your balloon test has been Slovakia, from where the chinese company is dreaming to expand to gradually encompass the major markets of Europe.

Today Qoros presented a new product. This is the Qoros 5, a SUV larger than the current Qoros 3 City SUV, which aims to compete against rivals such as the Volkswagen Tiguan. On an aesthetic level, the chief of design Gert Hildebrand (ex MINI) seems determined to fix the brand image in the base to offer products of very similar appearance. The new Qoros 5 is a kind of Qoros 3 City SUV to large scale, without major new visual with respect to the model is smaller, beyond a sector later resolved somewhat differently.

But despite how difficult that is proving to enter Europe, continue to focus on that market, developing its vehicles in the european territory, and even presenting their new products, such as the new 5 SUV have been released at the Expo of Milan, in Italy, as a preview of what soon will be officially filed in the Car show in Guangzhou.

By the time the firm has not communicated the technical data, for which we do not know which will be your base mechanics, nor which are its dimensions and capabilities. To know all of those details will have to wait for its official debut that will take place next month in Guangzhou.

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