So is the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The Range Rover Evoque convertible is already a reality. Based on the three-door body, the model will debut in a few weeks at the Auto show in Los Angeles.

Range-Rover-Evoque-Convertible-3Tras have shown prototypes and then confirmations and cancellations, finally the alternative to sky Range Rover Evoque is already a reality. Land Rover believes it has found a niche unexplored, with the certainty to succeed where other brands have not been successful.

The british brand presents at the Range Rover Evoque Convertible as ‘the first luxury SUV convertible in the world’. It is a product which takes as a basis the model of the company’s most successful, developed on the variant with three-door body, which has been provided with a ceiling textile fully automated, can be opened in 18 seconds and closed in 21 seconds, while the speed not exceeding 50 kilometres per hour.

Range Rover has taken a good time to develop the Evoque convertible, which allowed it to technically be a product the less will be at the height of his pair with hardtop.


Land Rover is convinced that he will succeed in a niche in which others failed.

Ensure that when the roof is closed, sound isolation is the same as that in the conventional model, at the same time that the position of the hood does not affect the area of load, which is 251 litres, although significantly lower than in the 420-litre, which offers the Evoque’s normal.

Although all of the modifications to allow for driving to open pit have not been provided free of charge, as due to the structural reinforcements that include: a-pillars more robust, a boost in the bass, the roll bars hidden and the electric mechanism of roof, made increase your weight anything less than 270 kilograms.

mechanically, the convertible model retains the four-wheel drive and all of its systems, such as the sensor of wading and the Terrain Response and All-Terran Progress Control, among others.

Range-Rover-Evoque-Convertible-4at The same time the brand took the opportunity to introduce a new system of information and entertainment equipped with screen 10.2-inch called ‘InControl Touch Pro’.

Under the hood there will be several options, among which is a four-cylinder 2.0-liter and 240 hp, as well as a diesel TD4 Ingenium of 2.0-liter displacement and an output of 180 horsepower, which in both cases may be associated with a transmission automatic 9-relationships.

the world debut of The new Range Rover Evoque Convertible will take place next week in the framework of the Salon Automobile Los Angeles, while its arrival at the dealers will not occur before 2016, with a price above 50,000 €.


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