So is the new Toyota Innova that has just been presented in Indonesia

For years Toyota offers in some countries a minivan of compact size, low price to meet the space needs of some families with a limited budget. It has nothing to do with the Verse marketed in Europe, of superior quality.

toyota-innova2Andn these days Toyota begins marketing in Indonesia new Kijang Innova boasting an aesthetic much more modern and finished to an superior to its predecessor although keep on being a product of cost content.

With a very square to ensuring the maximum utilization of the interior (with up to eight seats), premiered with front optical, rectangular, and a grid of dimensions more generous to take all the attention from the front and bring him closer to the world crossover.

In the interior the dashboard has a layout more neat. Depending on the level of finish can include inserts in faux wood, a full instrumentation with trip computer, system of info-entertainment with a touch screen, web browser, rear camera, etc

toyota-innova8In the brief press release, Toyota cited some new equipment with the daytime running lights for LEDS, multifunction steering wheel lined in leather, alloy wheels up to 17 inches, selector driving modes (Eco, Power and Normal), system of keyless access controls and traction/stability.

The offer of engines is formed by a 2.0 i 16v petrol which develops a power of 139 HP and a maximum torque of 183 Nm. Can be ordered with a manual gearbox of five speeds or with a auto that finally abandons the four relationships of the above to integrate a six-speed that allow to extract the entire potential of the engine.

toyota-innova5for users looking For an alternative to diesel will be able to choose the new 2.4 liter premiered in the Hilux which develops 149 HP of power and a maximum torque of 359 Nm. As in the gasoline gives you the option to choose between manual gearbox or the new automatic.

Among the many markets in which it will be marketed there is to mention, in addition to Indonesia, Brunei, south Africa, Taiwan, Australia, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Is not scheduled to launch in Europe or the united States or Canada, leaving a little in the air the possibility of being introduced in some markets in Latin america.