So is the new Toyota Passo

Toyota put the day to the Passo in Japan, with the arrival of a new generation, now with various possibilities of customization and equipment.

Toyota-Passo-1Ehis week debuted in Japan the second generation of the Toyota Passo, a city that surprises by its ability to equip four wheel drive. In this second installment, the Passo presumed to be of a higher quality, in addition to new customization options and equipment that’s more sophisticated.

new Toyota Passo is offered in Japan in two different options. The easiest is aimed at a public looking for a city of simple features economic, while the so-called Passo Fashion it features a design and finish more sophisticated, to satisfy a public more demanding, thanks to the use of chrome accents, body-to two tones and a front design more dynamic.

Toyota-Passo-2In comparison with the previous model, Toyota says that the leg space for the occupants of the rear seats increased by 75 millimeters. Also ensure that now offers a driving experience more stable thanks to improvements in the suspensions and the tuning of the chassis.

In the interior are observed improved finishing and finest materials. The equipment may include, depending on the version up to six airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP, collision warning front, braking autonomous city, lane keeping, automatic climate control, multifunction steering wheel, infotainment system with Wi-Fi, integrated navigation system, keyless access, start button, etc

The offer mechanics is based on an engine block three cylinders and 1.0 litre displacement, which produces 69 HP and is combined with an automatic-type CVT, and both front-wheel drive, as with all-wheel drive. The engine boasts a high energy efficiency because it offers a consumption of only 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

new Toyota Passo will come to Japan this month with a price start of 1.150.200 yen, that is to say the equivalent of about 9,000 euros at the current exchange rate.


Author: Adrian

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