So is the 'Shield' that will test Ferrari at Silverstone


it Was scheduled for the first real test with the Shield at Silverstone and on the day of Thursday, they have been able to see the first pictures of the shield that the FIA intends to approve for their common use in 2018.

it Will be Sebastian Vettel for the test in his Ferrari SF70-H during the first session free practice of the Grand Prix of Great Britain, although it is expected that no more than one turn of setup without any major claims to check the feel and visibility of the pilot.

The above protector for the cockpit, the Halo designed by Ferrari, came to be approved, but the lack of unanimity has been done to dispose of it in search of better options. The FIA hopes to continue with its development to be introduced in the regulation of 2018 and that all teams incorporate into their respective cars on a mandatory basis.