So is the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept

Perhaps as a response to the unfinished project of the supercar OX99-11, the early 1990s, Yamaha introduced in the Tokyo motor show the prototype of a sporty two-seater only 750 kilos of weight

yamaha-sports-ride-conceptHace a few days we were ahead by a small fragment of the image that allowed to appreciate its silhouette and now, taking a state official after his debut in the framework of the Tokyo motor show. This is the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, a sporty two-seater of low weight, which is inspired by the world of motorcycles.

The model acts as a successor of the Yamaha MOTIV of the year 2013, leaving behind the format of citycar, by acquiring the qualities of a sports car, but keeping the system iStream manufacturing developed by Gordon Murray. The Yamaha Sports Ride Concept weighs just 750 kilograms and has a body of 3.900 mm length meters, 1.720 mm wide and 1.170 mm high.

setup is a two-seater that according to what it says Yamaha in the press release, offers a relationship driver-machine similar to a motorcycle. Notwithstanding the use of the system iStream, the glass fiber was replaced by carbon fiber, which was transformed into the secret to its extremely low weight.

By the time that the Sports Ride hides under the hood is a mystery, but it is not excluded that use the block of 3-cylinder 1.0 litre that sits on the MOTIV, with a yield of about 80 horsepower, which doesn’t sound too impressive, but considering its low weight, their behavior might surprise you.

On an aesthetic level, Yamaha Sports Ride Concept looks well-proportioned, with a body-curvy, with a front with large air intakes and optical design sharp, and a posterior sector with a dual quality of leaks in brew central, high. Its appearance indicates that it could be a vehicle almost ready to go into production.