So it behaves now the famous version 8.0 of the Autopilot Tesla (video)

Tesla Autopilot 8.0Tesla is one of the most advanced companies in the field of driving semi-autonomous, if not the most. Account with the famous system Autopilot that is both giving that talk since its release, although it has received much criticism after the fatal accident that here for several weeks. As we have said on several occasions, the Autopilot Tesla is a set of driving aids, but all the responsibility falls on the driver.

In the wake of the deadly accident and the criticism the company received, Tesla developed in a very short time an update to the system that, as we already discussed few days ago, would “punish” users who used the “Autopilot” as an auto-pilot, without paying attention to the road. Using the video that we leave right here below, we can clearly see which way works now and as performs various warnings to the driver if it does not comply with your work.

After about 4 minutes since the driver releases his hands from the steering wheel, the display of the dashboard throws a first notice written on it says “Hold ” Steering Wheel”, and the light on the box starts flashing. After a few seconds, this notification is performed acoustically by using a series of beeps. If the third acoustic warning the driver does not operate the steering wheel, on the screen will appear in red, the message “Autosteer “Unavailable” for the Rest of this Drive. Hold Steering Wheel to Drive Manually” (Autosteer is not available to the rest of the trip, hold the steering wheel to drive manually). completely turns off the system Autopilot, including the direction and automated speed control.

to return to use the Autopilot with all of its functions, the driver must park his vehicle. The car company of Elon Musk has always made it clear that the system is not perfect and that the driver must be responsible and be prepared at all times to take over the controls of the vehicle.

Source – Autoblog