So it does wheelies, 200 meters this AMC Gremlin 1,300 HP [video]

Call to Brian Ambrosini the “wheelie king”, or for us, “the king of the horse”. The difference is that it does not make a bike or motorcycle, done with a bestial AMC Gremlin of the year 1974 1,300 HP, specially prepared for this type of exhibits. Normally, the cars as much power tend to have bars mounted in behind that prevent the car do a wheelie and your acceleration time will see a penalty. This AMC Gremlin should have them, but his owner prefers to give a show.

AMC Gremlin is one of the compact american iconic history.

In several occasions, you get to do horses of nearly 200 meters long, , almost half of the “drag strip” regulatory, quarter of a mile away. The technique seems simple, and it really is similar to a wheelie on a dirt bike. Play with the gas and the balance so that the car is hold in its position for as long as possible. But it is not as simple as it seems, on several occasions, Brian has had accidents or been dump because of these horses.

the display of the video manages to do a wheelie for 200 meters, but in its final attempt lands side, breaking the rear window of the Gremlin, damaging – a little more of the account – the low and breaking one of the motor mounts. Is damage routine according to his creator, who soon repaired to the next exhibit. An interesting way to spend the weekend, without a doubt…

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