So it moves and accelerates the Koenigsegg Regera from the passenger seat, no gearbox!

Koenigsegg Regera is called to be one of the great hiperdeportivos of our era. With difference, will be the most innovative, that we did not is no doubt. what A hiperdeportivo of 1.782 HP without gear box with train plug-in hybrid? Christian von Koenigsegg is a true genius, and teaches us in first person how to move the Regera and listening to the roar of your engine. How do you get speed without gearbox? How does reductions? It is not a mystery, it is only science and technology?

Our colleague David Clavero has written an article about the Koenigsegg Regera in the us explains the operation of its advanced system of direct transmission. The heat engine of 1,500 HP is a huge V8 with two turbochargers, which sends its power to an electric motor located in the rear axle, which is intermediate between the other two electric motors, which send power to the rear wheels. In this way, eliminates the need of a transmission intermediate.

In the video, does not understand the power delivery of the engine. The car accelerates and accelerates without his regime to vary, although it has a function of “gear change”, which descopla momentarily the clutch – really, a fluid coupling – electric motor enabling to increase the engine speed. As I had told in other occasions, the motor feeds a high-pressure hydraulic system that moves all of the body panels of the car, allowing for an impressive aerodynamic active.

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