So it transforms this Volvo, in a few seconds, in a movie theater on wheels

This week we already gave you the last move Volvo towards the autonomous car. Volvo has partnered with Ericsson to provide its cars of connections of data with sufficient quality, and stability, such as to play video in streaming high-definition. The excuse, in principle, was no other than to liven up the journeys of its customers, who no longer drive, with the display of movies, or their favorite series. The reality, in our judgment, the need for autonomous cars and connected to handle huge volumes of data, and transfer them in real time, without cuts, to the “cloud”. But how it transforms in a few seconds a Volvo in a cinema? Sure that after seeing it in this video, you’ll end up wishing to have a car without a driver.

Volvo are aware of that anyone buy a car, either self-employed or not, wants to have a steering wheel, take the controls and drive. In any case, there will come a time when you will want to delegate the driving to the technology of your car. To do this you will have a system, with a column of the telescopic steering, which will hide or fold the steering wheel. The dashboard will display a huge screen, the seats will be delayed, and will be able to enjoy a movie, or their favorite series, while resting in a passenger compartment worthy of a flight in first class.

Source: Volvo
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