So it was our first appointment with the new Bentley Bentayga

David Clavero ( @ClaveroD )

Today we bring you our first appointment with the SUV fastest and powerful in the world, the new Bentley Bentayga.

We have a quote that we cannot fail. Bentley, through its official distributor Bentley Marbella, has invited us to get to know one of the first units of the new Bentley Bentayga. This is a presentation is static in that we may know the vehicle in detail, but we will be left with the urge to try it inside and outside of asphalt. Because I promise you that that second part will come.

The new Bentley Bentayga has been presented with a very clear objective, to be the best in everything that you can define a SUV. By equipment, technique, materials and technology, the first SUV Bentley is discovered as a risky proposition, but that has motivated all the competitors to hurl themselves full-time to this new market niche that speaks of luxury in terms of superlatives.

Is fast, very powerful and intended to lay chair on the market. The 608 first units assembled in Crewe have already been sold under a limited edition full of extras and details memorial. It will be difficult to see a Bentayga live until well into 2016, but today you can see here this scoop.

His image is grand, even so, your final design has managed to integrate in a correct way all the angles and protrusions of the body. The side view is your best photo, however the rear is unprecedented in Bentley manages to be functional at the same time attractive with respect to the canons of the brand

Wheels of 21 inches with five arms and trying to hide disks of solid steel in order to stop this behemoth that exceeds more than met the 2.5 tons. It takes great control to sign a 0-100 Km/h in 4 seconds and a top speed of 301 Km/h.

On the front we find a double optical. The smaller make functions of day lighting and intermittent. While the main focus is premiere lighting technology Full-Led with specific design.

In its rear area, the new Bentley Bentayga was required to install two drivers that would enhance the final design. The result could not have been better thanks to the use of prominent optical, very horizontal, but looks very modern thanks to the use of the technology LED. The references to the letter “B” are all over the body.

here is the new 6.0 W12 TSI of 608 HP. This is a new evolution of the thrusters W12 in order to adapt its operation to the new approach todocamino and, especially, to significantly improve its efficiency thanks to the addition of systems of double inyecicón, turbocharger type Twin-Scroll, Start/Stop and disconnection of cylinders. This new powertrain will develop 608 HP between 5.250 and 6,000 rpm and 900 Nm of torque from the 1,250 rpm. Does your consumption? Just to 12.8 l/100 Km on average.

But let us be of numbers, for this great SUV will be chosen by their clients for other reasons. When you open your doors we breathe the air to vehicle English, manufacturing craftsmanship and exquisite care for details. However there are surprises for even the most demanding.

With the launch of the new Bentley Bentayga, Bentley have wanted to bet of form decided by the technology. The quality or the craftsmanship is not at odds with the best materials, and thus we find innovations as yet unseen in the brand as well as the night vision, an alert system and lane keeping or the HUD color projection on the windshield and recognition of signals.

But not just here the arsenal of technology, and that is to get the Bentley Bentayga is superior to its rivals within and outside of asphalt, Bentley has decided to debut a system of all-wheel-drive permanent. This unique system in Bentley has up to 8 different function programs to get to the end of the world in the first great SUV luxury. Without a doubt, it is the perfect gadget for the Bentayga make the delight of its customers in the Middle East.

But let us not forget the comfort. This unit exposed the Bentley Bentayga had settings for four occupants thanks to four seats are completely independent. Travelling first class is not just a matter of planes or huge sedans, this SUV will be the perfect weapon for the executive.

we are confident that this SUV will be used as office mobile, which we do not doubt for a second to test its new multimedia interface, each with a tablet of 10.2 inches placed on the backs front. Think about it for a moment, to browse the web while your chauffeur takes you through the grounds more abrupt without disturbing the massage that goes through your back.

¿why the seats of the Bentley are considered the best in the world automivilístico? Beyond the materials used anecdotes as his own species of oxen to achieve the highest quality, each seat of the Bentley Bentayga installed massage, ventilation, heating and… such a number of adjustments, that you’ll be overwhelmed if you stop to think about how you will have managed to integrate both electric motor on the inside of the seat.

could Not miss the classic clock needle that adorns all of the dashboard on the Bentley. Unfortunately, on this occasion, we are not faced with the Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon developed in absolute first for the Bentley Bentayga First Edition with materials like pink Gold, White Gold, or Ebony. Even so, this watch signed by Bentley is still spectacular.

As we have approached the work of Mulliner, it is fair to highlight as the coachbuilder that was absorbed by Bentley maintains intact its essence even in a model of “homemade” as the one that occupies to us. As a general rule, these vehicles pre-launch tend to look misalignments, defects or certain imperfections, but trust me to ensure that I have worked on fault finding without success. Bentley did not want to fail or at this point, and what they have achieved.

Left for you to discover one of the most curious of the Bentley Bentayga. How is your trunk? With 430 litres of capacity, we speak of a figure just right, but Bentley has the solution to pair that space to take advantage of the best possible way.

As mandated by the rules of protocol and the most deeply rooted customs English, the first SUV Bentley had to serve for picnics there where necessary. Three bags made by hand are to blame, this car dazzles many buyers with the idea of having a class up on the snacks in the field. Fridge with capacity for two bottles of champagne and four cups of cut-glass, cutlery and silverware, and a last bag with thermos and linens from the most exquisite cashmere.

you Only need to look at the carving of their glasses of champagne to understand that every detail matters.

Is turn to say goodbye to the Bentley Bentayga, and analyze what we have discovered. Bentley has taken an important step forward to reach a younger audience that seeks to combine luxury, technology and functionality in equal parts. Its design is attractive, though lacking in freshness, I would have liked to find something truly new at this point. In its interior, and approach is where Bentley has risky and successful in full, as it keeps its essence but by integrating seamlessly new technologies and functionality without losing an iota of quality or dominion.