So it will be the Dakar 2016: travel and stages to detail


despite the crisis that is in the midst of Paris by the recent attacks by jihadists, the ASO has carried out the presentation of the Dakar 2016. The event, which was held at 10 in the morning in the Space Pierre Cardin has brought together a large number of pilots and leaders that will take part in the next Dakar. Ettienne Lavigne and Marc Coma, in your new role as Athletic Director, have announced some of the keys of the test that will take place between days 2 and 16 January 2016 between Argentina and Bolivia. The second week will be key.

the next edition of The Dakar has been reinvented. Only Argentina and Bolivia host the event, but the hardness will be just as high. Participants will traverse 9,000 kilometres in total, and more than 4,500 km of timed sections are the challenge that will face all the participants. During the 14 days of the race, there will be a marathon stage and will premiere a new format for the output at stage 10. They played a sort of ‘superespecial’ in the bosom of the stage in the coming out of alternative way 10 bikes, 10 cars and 5 trucks.

During this act of submission, it has also been confirmed the number of people registered. a total of 334 crew taken part in the Dakar 2016. 143 participants will compete in the category of motorcycles, 110 cars, 55 trucks and 46 quads. The number of participants in total is set to 556 people, to which you should add all the technical equipment and human, that surrounds the test. Among the competitors there are represented 60 nationalities, 7 more than in the edition of 2015. 15.5% of the crew are French, while 7.2% of the competitors are Spanish. This is an increase of 1% compared to the last edition.

Calendar, steps, mileage, and keys of the Dakar 2016

Stage – Day Home End Mileage Key
Output – 02 January 2016 Buenos Aires 0 km Departure Ceremony.
Stage 1 – 03 January 2016 Buenos Aires Villa Carlos Paz 258 km mountainous Terrain.
Stage 2 – 04 January 2016 Villa Carlos Paz Termas de Rio Hondo 521 km More than 800 km in total.
Stage 3 – 05 January 2016 Termas de Rio Hondo Jujuy 314 km Stage very technical.
Stage 4 – 06 January 2016 Jujuy Jujuy 429 km High altitude.
Stage 5 – 07 January 2016 Jujuy Uyuni 327 km highest Point of the Dakar.
Stage 6 – 08 January 2016 Uyuni Uyuni 542 km longest Stage.
Stage 7 – January 09, 2016 Uyuni Jumps 353 km marathon Stage. Without technical assistance.
Rest – January 10, 2016 Jumps 0 km rest Day.
Stage 8 – January 11, 2016 Jumps Bethlehem 393 km First dunes.
Stage 9 – 12 January 2016 Bethlehem Bethlehem 285 km and Off the track.
Stage 10 – 13 January 2016 Bethlehem La Rioja 278 km Dunes of Fiambal√°.
Stage 11 – 14 January 2016 La Rioja San Juan 431 km Reliability.
Stage 12 – 15 January 2016 San Juan Villa Carlos Paz 481 km Penultimate challenge.
Stage 13 – January 16, 2016 Villa Carlos Paz Rosario 180 km final Podium.