So it will look the new design of the Ford Focus 2018 5-door


Recreation of the new Ford Focus.

The development of the new Ford Focus is coming to an end. In the last few months we have been able to see several camouflaged units of the variant of the car body 5-door hatchback, in some cases mules of tests designed to test the new systems and mechanics that will incorporate the model, as is the case of the new version of EcoBoost engine of 200 horsepower or the new steering system “drive-by-wire” that will incorporate the popular compact Ford, no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels.

Thanks to the numerous spy photos available of this version the publishing has been able to recreate the possible look of the new Focus 5-door, the most popular version of the range and the first that will hit the market, which will hopefully be before the end of next year. So this generation should be presented at the beginning of 2018, so that your marketing should start few months after.

This new generation will be based on the new variant of the C platform of Ford, which would receive the designation C2, and will allow the range of Focus to grow in size, allowing the passenger compartment to gain useful space, like the cargo capacity of the trunk. This new generation will be a considerable upgrade at multiple levels, from the equipment to the perceived quality, with the incorporation of best systems and finishes.


rear View of the new Focus.

In terms of design, the new Focus he shall drink of the same sources that all other products global Ford. Will be influenced by the last passenger car of the mark, as the newly introduced Fiesta or the Mondeo. In these recreations we found as it has been interpreted ably the forms of the prototypes are camouflaged most advanced that have been sighted in the last few weeks, so it is likely that the final design may differ slightly.

In terms of their range mechanics, we find in Europe a catalogue of diesel and petrol engines of small displacement, but with yields at par with the competition, as the new engines EcoBoost 3-and 4-cylinder. These will be available in versions of the 1.0 liter with two options of power, 100 and 125 HP, and 1.5 litres, available in 150 and 182 HP, in addition to the 1.5-liter from the new Fiesta ST with 200 HP. The chapter on the diesel will have the 1.5 TDCi and 2.0 TDCi.

later we find the usual sport versions and new hybrid version in addition to a new generation of the Focus electric. The dates most likely to the presentation of the new Focus are the first big events of the year, between Detroit and Geneva. So we should be able to know him in the first bars of the year.