So it would be the LMP1 manufacturers stronger

The season 2016 for the WEC and therefore the 24 Hours of Le Mans will have only three manufacturers registered in the category LMP1. The output of Nissan and the declaration of intentions of Audi and Porsche only have two prototypes during the entire season left the payroll in six LMP1. Taking advantage that we have not yet sent the letter to the Kings Magi of East, today we bring you an exercise of imagination to to see how it would be the LMP1 brands like BWM, Mercedes, Lancia, Jaguar, Ferrari, McLaren, Honda, Volvo and Corvette. Would you like to see become a reality?

The designs correspond in their majority the Study Design G24, although there are ‘sketches’ of other creators. Although they are all really spectacular, what is certain is that today is complicated that one is able to realize, at least in the short term. Chevrolet have all their efforts focused on the C7 Corvette.R in GT, in the same way that Mercedes-AMG has enough with his reign in Formula 1. BMW competes in DTM and GT, while Lancia rather has to survive with dignity to her delicate situation. Soon will sell only their models in Italy.

Volvo enters WTCC in 2016 and Jaguar will do the same in Formula And half year, so that is also complicated to undertake another sports program. Honda and McLaren pretty much have to try to take a step to the front and out of the well in which it is located in the Formula 1. The last design is the LMP1 Ferrari. Recurrent and more when you days ago Ferrari said that you do not need the F1 to promote themselves. In any case, do not cease to be sketches and dreams, lawful for the days that we are going through.