So march sales of cars in Spain

The sale of second-hand cars has experienced a growth in times of crisis. However, the registration of new vehicles in Spain has been rising gradually.

according to the data, far seem to already those times in the car market was in the doldrums in Spain. And is that, since the end of 2011, it is experiencing an gradual growth in the number of sales that, in this 2017, seems to have taken off definitely. Probably, the emergence of online platforms such as, which offer the possibility of appraise immediately a vehicle without having to leave home, has been key for this to occur.

During the first six months of this 2017, the car market has experienced strong growth over the previous year. In fact, on 30 June, and in Spain had been enrolled 670.999 vehicles, that is to say, a 7.1% more than in the same date of 2016. Special mention deserves the month of June because, during their course, have been marketed 132.281 cars. This places you in a increase of 6.4% compared to last year, somewhat below the average. However, according to historical data, this is the best month of June in this sense of the past 10 years.

also worth a Mention is the market of occasion or of second-hand vehicles. Due to the situation of crisis experienced a few years ago, this segment experienced strong growth during the time harder than that, still today, remains palpable. Proof of this is that, at the end of 2016, this market will present some figures of the growth to 12.6% and a total sales of, approximately, 1.7 million units, according to data provided by the Institute for Study of Automotive.

For its part, according to information provided by Ancove (National Association of Dealers of Vehicles), the year 2017 has not been able to start in a better way. And that is, only during the month of January, in Spain is marketed 132.944 vehicles, which meant a rise of 18,49 % compared to the same month of the previous year. In this sense, the 56.5% of those sales were of vehicles with more than 10 years old. For its part, the cars with less than 5 years had a market share of 27%, while those who had between 5 and 10 were at 16.5 %.

In the months following, due to the rise of the new enrollment and the push of the market of new vehicles, these numbers are stabilizing. In fact, according to the own Ancove, it is expected that the figures in the market of occasion to regulate, gradually. So much so that, at the end of June this year, the growth in numbers over the previous year stood at around 6 %. This, when you reach December, it will mean that the total number of units sold is situated, around 1.87 million.

In summary, taking into account the number of sales of new and used cars, it seems certain that the car market is growing by leaps and bounds after a few hard years of crisis. Without a doubt, a few data to give back to a lot of strength to a sector that is heavily punished.