So melts tires the new Kia Stinger GT

The Kia Stinger GT is the new proposal of the koreans to face up to the sedans premium German. In this video you will be able to appreciate its qualities to driftear.

Con power and style comparable to the Audi S5 Sportback, the new Kia Stinger GT is becoming a serious threat to sedans sports German and apparently, Gran Turismo Korean will also be very fun.

The sports sedan rear-wheel drive designed by ex-Audi Peter Schreyer, used a engine V6 Turbo 3.3-litre with 370 HP of power, a maximum torque of 510 Nm, and propulsion back, making down the five seconds to achieve 0-100.

of course the Kia Stinger GT it will not just power, because you will also have a full complement, with an infotainment system with touch screen seven-inch, braking, autonomous city with pedestrian detection, detection of objects in blind spot, warning of involuntary change of lane, etc

In the video that heads this article you’ll be able to appreciate the new Kia Stinger in action while exhibiting their feats to burn rubber.