So moves the first Suzuki Jimny built for drifting, what genius or madness?

Japan is a land of contrasts, where they mix the tradition is more pure with the modernity in the extreme. Its scene auto has nothing to do with the european or the american one, has its own entity, and tons of personality. The art of drifting was born in Japan, with those fantastic Toyota AE86 and Nissan Silvia. The drifting is today a discipline of global recognition, with championships at the world level and a lot of money involved. What we had never seen up to now is a Suzuki Jimny doing drifting.

The video is from noriyaro, a youtuber who publishes great videos about the culture, the automotive industries of Japan.

As you can see, it seems like a Suzuki Jimny any. It is a completely new car, a beast created ad-hoc to go sideways, the base of which is a tubular chassis, lightweight. On this chassis, respecting the battle and outside dimensions of the small off-road – whose chassis rails and rails of series – mounted on the body of the Jimny, of just 3.4 metres in length. Although it has a complex train of shooting sports facilities at the drifting, weak battle passes bill to this effect.

Will have to be offset with power your character nervous and abrupt. Your engine is a powerful SR20DETT source Nissan, mounted in position front longitudinal. His power is unknown, but it is not serial, and possibly exceed, the 300 HP of power. Luckily, your track width is much higher than the production model, your tires much wider and making his point, designed to go close to the ground. Because they try to driftear with a Jimny of production would cause a capsize almost immediately…

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