So recreates an autonomous vehicle the city of London


We have seen in several occasions through videos and images circular autonomous cars by the streets and soltear obstacles, stopping before traffic lights and crossings, and performing practically all the maneuvers that a driver human could do. But, how to detect these situations?

The technology LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) is the responsible answer to this question and thanks to which, the vehicles can create a virtual model and 3D on the environment by circulating and its vicinity in a great range. How its name indicates, this technology is based on a radar system laser that is responsible for discovering ways in the way.

Without this technology would not be possible to detect the road obstacles , and also allows you to give an idea of what’s coming for the crosses beyond what the human eye can detect since this technology is able to cross the walls.

In the above video, created by the company along with scanlab for the New York Times, we can see a sample of how a London virtual walk of street generated by LIDAR. You can see in detail some of the iconic buildings of the british capital as the Big Ben or Tower Bridge, the classic double-decker busses, trees, and pedestrians.

The next step of this field is shape recognition the shapes of the car and be able to really understand what it is you are “seeing” in this virtual world created for him and carry out a safe driving and fully autonomous.