So removed the christmas ornaments with a Nissan GT-R

For many, the time to remove the christmas ornaments is one of the events most hard of these dates as the end of this period of vacation, full of moments of celebration, family. Nissan proposes you to do it in a fun and above all fast, that will be as enjoyable as possible.

Supposed to hook the christmas lights of our tree to a Nissan GT-R. Godzilla will make disappear all the trimmings thanks to the force of acceleration of your launch control -0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds-. All the decorations will fly away in an instant. The bad thing of all this is that then you get to pick them up and the ornaments will be useless for the next year.


If you don’t have a GT-R you’ll have to behaving very well during the year 2016 to request one, and do this in the next christmas. The current generation of the Nissan GT-R still has forces prior to its replacement, the latest update includes internal improvements that will make the driving sensation to be more premium finishes and noise and vibration levels of the cabin.

today the kills-giant japanese, is their top of range in the Nissan GT-R NISMO, whose engine V6 of 3.8 liters reaches the 600 HP transmitted to the four wheels of the sport through an automatic transmission of six relations and a double clutch.